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Equify Auctions Opens Cisco Facility in Grand Texas Style

Director of Auctions C.E. Vaughan (L) and Pat Hoiby, CEO of Equify, are extremely excited about the grand opening of the Cisco, Texas, store.
Customers fill ring one with its theater-style seating in anticipation of the start of the sale.
Equify personnel stand by ready to assist customers. The main facility boasts six work cubicles for semi-private meetings with auction personnel.

After many months of planning, Equify Auctions’s new Cisco, Texas, facility opened in style.

Equify held its grand opening auction July 30. More than 1,150 bidders, with many arriving early, participated, with more than 1,000 onsite registered bidders and approximately 600 online.

The sale generated more than $13.1 million onsite, which was 35 percent more than Equify’s initial projections, and $2.3 million online.

The new facility is situated on 57 acres with multiple buildings, including a 25,000-sq.-ft. main facility that houses offices and rings one and two. Separate from the main auction facility is a three-bay repair shop with three wash bays as well as a loading and unloading facility. Equify also has a 7-acre area for dealers and demonstrations.

The main facility boasts nine computerized registration desks, five permanent hospitality greeters and six work cubicles for semi-private meetings with auction personnel. Ring one includes theater-style seating, a catered kitchen, 10 glass-enclosed, soundproof telephone booths (with seating) in which occupants can track current bidding.

Ring two is furnished with seating that can be removed when there is an automobile auction, during which three vehicles can be driven into the building and driven out the opposite end.

Bidders can go from ring to ring, using a foyer that separates them to keep the noise of the bidding sessions from flowing into each other. Glass doors on both rings allow the equipment to be viewed, even in inclement weather.

The upstairs lounge has four private-viewing rooms, an Internet room and the entire area is Wi-Fi accessible.

The common area allows customers to view both rings at one time. Shuttle carts transport bidders to and from their vehicles and take them around the yard for viewing the equipment close-up.

When asked why Cisco, Texas, for the new location, CEO Patrick Hoiby said that Equify wants to be where their customers reside and work.

“Other auction companies stick to the urban areas, but we prefer to be known as the ‘Blue Collar Company’ that sometimes wears white collars,” he said. “Even though we are located in rural areas, I have made sure that all Equify Auction sites have all the amenities to accommodate our customers.”

Hoiby added that another location will open in Sealy, Texas (just west of Houston), by November 2015 and the original Wills Point location will open a new facility with the same design as Cisco’s by September.

“When we have completed all of our building and construction, Equify will have three auction buildings with the exact same footprint,” Hoiby said. “I am doing this so our customers will feel at home in any of our facilities. We plan to have at least one auction per month going forward and we will also have automobile auctions.

“It all seems like a dream come true,” he added, “but I have to say that without all our employees and especially our Director of Auctions C.E. Vaughan, and a builder like Wilks Construction Company of Cisco, this could not have happened, and we are looking forward to our next auction September 2-3 in Wills Point.”

For more information, visit http://equifyllc.com/auctions/.